Yachiho Kogen Ski Resort

ADDR : 2093 Chiyosato, Sakuho-machi, Minamisaku-gun, Nagano-ken
TEL : +81-267-88-3866
URL : http://yachiho-kogen.jp/ski/
PR : 1600 meter altitude provides this resort with delightfully light powder snow and Japan’s most beautiful white birch forest. The “at-home” atmosphere of the resort is comfortable and accommodating.
DTL : 1 Day Lift Pass (3500 yen) + Same Day Lift Pass (3500 yen)
SUP : *Two people can ski with a single Karuizawa Basecamp Passport coupon at Yachiho Kogen Ski Resort. The 3500 yen price is for peak season prices and weekends. Normal weekday lift prices are 3200 yen so the total value is 3200 x 2, or 6400 yen.
*Valid from December 12, 2018